How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

Without (necessarily) coming out to India – here are some ideas on how you can help Hands on Houses maximize impact…


Pull a bunch of friends (or strangers) together for a fundraising dinner. Focus on India, widows … or just curry and good conversation. Set creative ways to raise funds – perhaps team up to build a house together. Present what we do and challenge people to consider volunteering.


If you know anything about writing grants, we have a few projects we’re looking at which need to be well presented – and to the right audience.

Harness Your Company’s Skills

If you work with a company that has a social impact program, please consider discussing with them whether and how Hands on Houses might fit in with their objectives. Perhaps someone there can look over a proposal of ours and coach you / us on how to tailor these better. We’re ready to learn 😉

On The Air

Consider arranging an interview for Don & Margie when they’re next in your area – radio, TV, newspaper, magazine – or live in front of your church, study group, university class etc.

India – Media Trip

If you’re a photographer, filmmaker journalist or writer, consider coming out to document the work we’re doing. We love keeping friends and supporters up to date with fresh news & stories of what’s going on – in text, photo or video. Your talents would be a huge help.

India, but not building

Perhaps you’re interested in coming out to volunteer, but building’s not your forte. We work with pastors and social workers who are involved in many other projects within the same communities – medical, educational, skills training, business development etc. If you have skills to share, and don’t mind the challenges of the rural developing world … let us know!

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