Amy’s Great Exchange

Amy’s Great Exchange

“Around Easter, I reflected about how Jesus exchanged his life for ours and thought, “What if we could exchange items within our homes to give someone a home?” And, idea for “The Great Exchange” was born. Like most women, I have clothing and accessories that hasn’t been worn in years that could be of value to others. Through emails, calls, and visits, I shared with friends, colleagues, and Craigslist, that I was selling my belongings to fundraise for donations to build homes in India. The compassionate response from the community was overwhelming and we raised around $2000 in 2012!

Fundraising can be fun, especially if you dress in a sari! In 2010, I dressed up in Indian clothing for an entire week and shared with co-workers that I was raising money to build houses in India. Whatever they donated, I would match, dollar for dollar and we raised over $1500. It engaged my work community and I had fun dressing up.”

shoes for houses

shoes for houses!


  1. We loved this idea too! Thanks Wayne 🙂

  2. What a beautiful example of energy and creativity! Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

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