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+ Support Staff


Don is always thinking of the next best design for houses - how to build them "cheaper, better, faster"! As well as serving as Hands on Houses' CEO, Don directs construction, training and R&D.


Co-founder of Hands on Houses, and Fundraiser in Chief, Margie has a multitasking mind. Get in touch with her if you're interesting in joining Hands on Houses as a volunteer or ministry partner - or to connect with us next time we're in the US.


Hands on Houses’ official Right Hand Man, Andrew works with our network of volunteers, supporters and partners, and keeps a careful eye on all of our construction projects. Contact him if you need info on partnerships, finances or our foundation.

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+ Advisors

The Hands on Houses Global Advisory Team

Hands on Houses is fortunate to have a diverse and experienced team of advisors overseeing our work, all of whom give their time and insights on a voluntary basis. Our current Global Advisory Team is: Amy Cheng (USA), Brett Johnson (USA), Sunera Abraham (India), J. Randolph Leuning (USA), Bill Boesterd (Canada), Abraham Pradeep Kumar (India), Scott & Christine Sveivern (USA) & Felix Lai (USA).