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+ Support Staff


Don is always thinking of the next best design for houses - how to build them "cheaper, better, faster"! As well as serving as Hands on Houses CEO, Don directs construction, training and R&D.


Co-founder of Hands on Houses, and Fundraiser in Chief, Margie has a multitasking mind. Get in touch with her if you're interesting in joining Hands on Houses as a volunteer - or to connect with us next time we're in the US.


Karla is responsible for record keeping, storytelling, grant writing, communications and research. She maintains and illustrates this site, keeps tabs on each of our projects, and documents the stories of the people we serve.


Hands on Houses’ official Right Hand Man, Andrew manages foundation admin and finances, keeps and eye on construction projects, and heads up our work in Africa. Contact him if you need more info on finances or our foundation.

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+ Advisors

The Hands on Houses Global Advisory Team

Hands on Houses is fortunate to have a diverse and experienced team of advisors overseeing our work, all of whom give their time and insights on a voluntary basis. Our current Global Advisory Team is: Amy Cheng (USA), Brett Johnson (USA), Sunera Abraham (India), J. Randolph Leuning (USA), Bill Boesterd (Canada), Abraham Pradeep Kumar (India), Scott & Christine Sveivern (USA) & Felix Lai (USA).